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House Cleaning

What would be some good essential oils to use around the house?

Any one using Essential Oils for their Infants?

Is it safe to use with my infant and what are some way people have used them on their infants?

tickaboo for goats and other larger farm animals

Could someone give a protocol for using Tickaboo for goats and horses and other farm animals including chickens. Need amounts, how administered and would one follow the same protocol that was given in an answer to Terrie Porras' question about using it for dogs? If it can be administered to larger animals in a syringe does it need to be mixed with a carrier oil? Will animals readily eat it in their feed? If given to larger animals "neat" in a syringe doesn't it irritate the throat and esophagus?...

Temporal Arthritis

Is there an essential oil that could help decrease inflammation on the temporal veins?
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Can my 5 year old take Masaji? How young can masaji be given to children? Masaji is an all natural high antioxidant supplement. It is safe for children of all ages.

Lymes Disease

Does anyone have a protocol for Lymes Disease? Spice of Life?? We would recommend the Immune Pack which includes Spice of Life, Guardian, and Defense. How much, how taken, for how long? Thanks You will find information on the Immune Pack within the PDF that I have attached. thank you

Sore Throat

Doesn't anyone have a good suggestion for a sore throat? Spice for Life How do you take it for a sore throat? You can either do the "lick trick" where you put 3-5 drops on the back of your hand and lick it off or you can drop 3-5 drops onto your tongue, swish it around for 30 seconds, and swallow.

Nursing moms

What is a good oil to use for a mom who appears to have mastitis? They may have a fever and or swelling. Hi Clara, Lavender Tea Tree mix works good.


I've had a hard time falling asleep because I've got SO much on my mind. What can I do? Quiet Scent behind the ear and smell Have you tried Quiet scent blend? it contains constituents which have been shown to help shut down the "neuro-chatter" in the brain.


Can I use all of the essential oils in my cool air Ace diffuser?
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Which product will give me the amount of calcium and magnesium an adult needs daily?
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Cooking with Essential Oils

What essential oils have been used in cooking?
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What oils can I safely use to de-worm my chihuahuas? Hi Terrie, Ticaboo 2 drops of oil mixed with carrier 2 drop feed with hamburger or hot dog.